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Performance [229] 18-Aug-2019 (Ur so Beautiful Tour - Headliner)


Warehouse Live Max Capacity: 450/1200


Grace performed on the 1200 capacity "Ballroom" stage at Warehouse Live, an upgrade from the 400 capacity "Studio" stage where she performed on the Just the Beginning Tour.

”So full of life and a very radiant happiness, Grace Vanderwaal came out in Houston and absolutely rocked it. [She proved] her talent in every way possible. Whether it be interacting with her fans, dancing along to every beat or singing songs like “Ur So Beautiful”, Grace sure knows how to run a show. … Grace continues to mesmerize those listening. At age fifteen, she has transitioned from the sweet young girl to a young woman in this industry. The confidence and joy she exudes is contagious through her songs and her dancing across the stage. It was impossible to not mirror her energy. Coming across a performer like Grace Vanderwaal is uncommon in every way. …. Leaving a Grace Vanderwaal show is leaving with memories, encouragement, and positivity. As a young performer, Grace inspires many young women—younger and older through her shows, songs, speeches. A constant force of positivity is Grace Vanderwaal. From the parents who bought their younger children to those older in attendance, from the echoes of her lyrics being sung back to her, Warehouse Live was given a show full of magic as Grace took over Houston and reminded us all that we’re (so) beautiful.“ (HTX Vox, Houston based music blog, Aug. 21, 2019]

(Robert Rose on Instagram)


Jade Jackson - Opener

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Nolan Frank - Keyboards, trumpet, guitar, vocals

Ben Masters - Percussion

Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Ukulele


Some sound issues, due to proximity to speakers - goes for set# 4,5, 6, 11 and 17
1?. Ur So Beautiful
2?. Escape My Mind
3. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination) Part of (46s)
4. Broke (Samm Henshaw - Cover)
5. The City
6. Talk Good
7?. Moonlight
8. Gossip Girl Fragment (26s)
9?. Stray
10?. Elenore (The Turtles - Cover)
11. Vienna (Billy Joel - Cover)
12. City Song Part of (55s)
13?. Florets
14?. So Much More Than This
15?. See You Again (Tyler, the Creator - Cover)
16. I Don't Know My Name Part of (42s)
17. Waste My Time

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