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Performance [215] 31-May-2019 (Headliner)

CAL Polytech "Spring Fever" Sunset Concert

California Polytech University, University Union Plaza


Industry management senior and ASI Musical Entertainment Student Assistant Jennie Diaz said they chose VanderWaal because she is an “up and coming” pop artist and has gained a lot of attention since winning America’s Got Talent. “ASI Events has brought country and hip hop artists this spring quarter, and we wanted to bring a different genre,” Diaz said. (Sydney Sherman for student magazine Mustang News May 29, 2019)

Spring Fever! is a series of concerts arranged by the Student Association (ASI) of California Polytech. Part 2 of the Spring Fever concert series that year was on May 31 at 7 p.m. in the University Union Plaza featuring Grace VanderWaal, singer-songwriter and winner of NBC’s 11th season of America’s Got Talent! Student band VibeOut opened.

(Off Youtube)


Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Nolan Frank - Keyboards, vocals

Ben Masters - Percussion


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1. Moonlight Version: 1: Recorded by Tina Vanderwaal from high up to left side of the stage (all version 1s)
Version: 2: Taken from the font, center stage (alle Version 2s)
2. City Song Version: 1
Version: 2
3. Talk Good Version: 1
Version: 2
4. You'll Get Bored Version: 1
Version: 2
5. Gossip Girl Version: 1
Version: 2
6. Best Friend (Rex Orange County - Cover) Version: 1
Version: 2
7. Ur So Beautiful Version: 1
Version: 2
8. Escape My Mind Version: 1
Version: 2
9. Valerie (Amy Winehouse - Cover) Version: 1
Version: 2
10. Florets Version: 1
Version: 2
11. See You Again (Tyler, the Creator - Cover) Version: 1
Version: 2
12. Stray Version: 1
Version: 2
13. So Much More Than This Version: 1
Version: 2
14. I Don't Know My Name Version: 1
Version: 2
15. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination) Version: 1
Version: 2

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