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Performance [205] 10-Aug-2018 (Evolve Tour (Imagine Dragons) - Opener)



“It is possible the opening act, America's Got Talent-blessed quirk queen Grace Vanderwaal, had something to do with the youth turnout. The 14-year-old prodigy sounded breezy and wonderful, whether delivering originals like Gossip Girl or covers like, of all things, Tyler, the Creator's See You Again. This being the last night of the tour, Imagine Dragons surprised Vanderwaal by sneaking out with four vases of flowers before her modernized I Can See Clearly Now, a gesture that brought tears to her eyes. Buy stock if you're looking to invest in future Taylor Swifts.” (Jay Cridlin for Tampa Bay Times, Aug. 11, 2018)

“Imagine Dragons brought young singer-songwriter, Grace Vanderwaal, along on the North American leg of the Evolve World Tour. She started off the night with a lovely setting, the stage covered in flowers and the crowd on their feet. There was such a broad range of members in the audience. There were girls on their parent’s shoulders holding up signs for Grace to see, as well as young adults dancing to the sound of the ukulele. She sang her heart out, dancing around the stage barefoot, putting everything she had into the music. Before her last song, the members of Imagine Dragons came to greet Vanderwaal on stage with flower bouquets, thanking her and the team for supporting them. It was a moment of pure gratitude, and with that, she closed her set with a familiar tune, Clearly.2 (Jade Lynn Pike, Photographer for Sunlight Magazine - undated)

The day after, Imagine Dragons went on Twitter and thanked their crew and particularly mentioned Grace: "Thank you to @GraceVanderWaal for bringing your powerful voice and art each night."



Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Dylan Meek - Keyboards

Ben Masters - Percussion


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1. Moonlight Taken from very far away! (all items)
2. City Song
3. Burned
4. Gossip Girl
5. So Much More Than This
6. Talk Good
7. Florets
8. See You Again (Tyler, the Creator - Cover)
9. Escape My Mind
10. I Don't Know My Name
11. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination)

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