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Performance [204] 9-Aug-2018 (Evolve Tour (Imagine Dragons) - Opener)



“As the opening act for Imagine Dragons, [Grace Vanderwaal] displays ... confidence, humbleness, graciousness. Her voice has a raspiness that most musicians crave. The last description her bare feet leave impressed upon me is "swagger." This young lady bee-bops back and forth as a new-age indie type singer with so much soul. ... I question to myself, "What old soul is living inside this young girl?" She ... sings a new version of a Johnny Nash song called "I Can See Clearly."... Before my eyes this young artist is bridging a generational gap through music. America's Got Talent all right and Grace VanderWaal proved it.” (South Florida Insider August 9th, 2018)


Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Dylan Meek - Keyboards

Ben Masters - Percussion


1. Moonlight Fragment (15s)
2. City Song Fragment (28s)
3?. Burned
4?. Gossip Girl
5. So Much More Than This Part of (2m20s)
6?. Talk Good
7. Florets Fragment (15s)
8?. See You Again (Tyler, the Creator - Cover)
9. Escape My Mind Fragment (15s)
10. I Don't Know My Name Part of (51s)
11. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination) Part of (45s)

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