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Performance [172] 19-Jun-2018 (Evolve Tour (Imagine Dragons) - Opener)



“Rising singer-songwriter Grace Vanderwaal served as the opening act, where she was able to warm up the stage thanks to her bubbly vocals and ukulele prowess. “(review of IDG concert Digital Journal June 20, 2018)

“… opening act wunderkind, the fourteen-year-old ukulele fan, America’s Got Talent winning, big piped Grace Vanderwaal. Dancing barefoot with an endearing, age appropriate awkwardness, and a clutch of not quite good enough songs including big hit “I Don’t Know My Name” and bigger hit “Moonlight,” she was stuck with a way too long 45 minute opener on a tour she couldn’t have fitted in less, Grace handled herself well enough. ( June 20, 2018 )

“For this round, they brought Grace Vanderwaal as their special guest. These two performers were the perfect match because both of them had a stage consisting of TONS of colour! Grace had the most adorable floral outfit and stage setup to match while Imagine Dragons had a bunch of backdrops along with amazing lighting.” (Celeb mix undated)

(Celeb Mix)


Grace VanderWaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Dylan Meek - Keyboards

Ben Masters - Percussion


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1. Moonlight
2. City Song
3. Burned
4. Gossip Girl
5. So Much More Than This
6. Talk Good
7. Florets
8. Best Friend (Rex Orange County - Cover)
9. Escape My Mind
10. I Don't Know My Name Version: 1
Version: 2: Better sound, closer up
11. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination)

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