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Performance [170] 16-Jun-2018 (Evolve Tour (Imagine Dragons) - Opener)



"Very cool moment for Hallows Eve but especially for our piercer Kierstin !! Not everyday the winner of America’s got talent walks through the door!! "So on Saturday morning I had a lovely little lady name Grace stop into the shop for lobe piercings, she was extremely sweet and well mannered, as we were making small talk I had noticed she wasn't from Pennsylvania and asked why she was here... to my surprise she said she was on tour with imagine dragons and they were performing that night in the Hershey stadium. I was dumbfounded because I didn't know who she was 😅. A few minutes after her leaving the shop with her piercings she was so happy that her mother had called back in to tell me she had given me free tickets to the show that night. You guys should check her out she definitely has one of the most beautiful voices I have heard in so long. Thank you so much Grace for allowing me to pierce you and I hope the rest of your tour goes well!" (Hallow Eve Tattoo on Facebook June 19, 2018)

(Off Youtube)


Grace VanderWaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Dylan Meek - Keyboards

Ben Masters - Percussion


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1. Moonlight Beginning of song is missing. A bit awkward camera position, taken over barrier in front of stage (all items)
2. City Song
3. Burned
4. Gossip Girl
5. So Much More Than This
6. Talk Good
7. Florets
8. Best Friend (Rex Orange County - Cover)
9. Escape My Mind
10. I Don't Know My Name Version: 1
Version: 2
11. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination)

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