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Performance [163] 6-Jun-2018 (Evolve Tour (Imagine Dragons) - Opener)



“At 7:00pm Grace Vanderwaal came on. This gal is 14 years old and she has got some serious pipes. She's definitely got a pop thing going on, but she also has this husky almost folksy voice which is a unique combo and sets her apart from the T-Swizzles and Arianas of the moment. On top of that, she's just freaking adorable. She crushed it. The girls loved her. I did, too. Keep an eye on this one.” (Running with the music blog – mom going to the concert with her two young daughters June 13, 2018)

“Joining the band for this tour run is America’s Got Talent winner Grace Vanderwaal. The combination of these two artists proved to be the perfect complement to one another and made for a great night. Her set on this particular night was full of energy. Effortlessly hitting the right notes, she bounced around the stage completely winning over the audience. To have such control at just 14 years old is incredible. Now with a massive tour under her belt, the sky is truly the limit for this young phenomenon. (Richard Knowles, Monkeygoose Magazine June 15, 2018)

(Richard Knowles/


Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals

Dylan Meek - Keyboards

Ben Masters - Percussion


1. Moonlight
2. City Song
3. Burned Fragmemt (6s) Bonus: Tina with Frankie (with headphones) in the audience
4?. Gossip Girl
5. So Much More Than This
6?. Talk Good
7. Florets
8. Best Friend (Rex Orange County - Cover)
9. Escape My Mind
10?. I Don't Know My Name
11. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination)

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