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Performance [155] 23-Apr-2018 (Promotion)

MTV Live Acoustic

Columbia Records Studios, Lincoln Centre - Rooftop


Grace gave a short concert with Melissa, arranged by MTV and Sony, on the top of the Sony building in New York, including an incredible performance of Darkness Keeps Chasing me.

(A very well prepared and insightful) Gaby Wilson from MTV news interviewed Grace before the performance.

They talk about the making of Clearly, and about where she finds her lyrical inspiration (her answer: “I just kind of make-up stuff”. Grace talks about her frustrations with the production process of her album, about how she has to re-record songs because her voice keeps changing, and how her main motivation for getting an album out is to be able to go on tour and perform it. She talks about how if there are parts of a song (the lyrics) she doesn’t like, she should change them because it gets increasingly frustrating to sing it when on tour: ‘Insane sometimes’ I feel has the weakest lyrics. I thought that I was fine with it at the time, and during tour, it just, I never got over it, every time I sing that song I think: ‘Oh my God, why didn’t I fix these words!?’

They talk about how exited (and not scared at all) she is about opening for Imagine Dragons, and about her love of fashion, especially the “super weird high fashion, that doesn’t really make sense “they don’t care about anything at all, they don’t care about the rules, they just do whatever you know”

She answers question that fans have sent in in advance: About her interest in acting: “I have been very interested in acting, I would love to act, but I would love to be in something more serious, I think my age holds me back a lit because a lot of the offers I get are more like a Disney fairy princes.”, and about her love of dancing: “I love to dance, it’s like my favorite thing, but I would never dance for anyone but my sister and myself”

They play a little game, Uke-box: where Grace has to pull out a piece of paper form her Uke-box and make an impromptu song form what is written on it. She does one about Dirty Dishes, about Jorts (Jean Shorts), chocolate pudding and about “broke your cellphone”

(VoyageLA )


Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals

Melissa Dougherty - Guitar, vocals


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1. Clearly (Johnny Nash - Reimagination)
2. City Song
3. Darkness Keeps Chasing Me

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