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Performance [138] 5-Feb-2018 (Promotion)


Grace performed on the Honda Stage in Brooklyn for iHeartRadio. This was part of a series of "Honda Backstage" videos with and about Grace, published in the beginning of 2018.

"on the heels of her Just The Beginning Tour, Grace hit the Honda Stage at Brooklyn Art Library to show of her unique sound to a cozy and casual audience. Her voice gives us chills every. single. time!" (Ali Both for Tiger Beat Feb. 6, 2018)

Honda Stage
“Honda Stage is a combination of live events including the Honda Civic Tour and premier music festival partnerships with Austin City Limits and Governor’s Ball; and, exclusive online content offering music fans access to custom live and online music programming and performances, artist interviews and more.” ( 16 Jan. 2018)

Honda Backstage
"Honda Stage partners with iHeartMedia, UPROXX, Vevo and Snapchat to offer music fans access to the artists' pivotal moments in the shape of “Honda Backstage” a unique behind-the-scenes series looking at the fascinating stories of up-and-coming artists. Hosted on and UPROXX's Facebook page, these videos include interviews with the artists sharing their inspirations, obstacles and dreams en route to musical careers. Honda Stage offers music fans access to custom live and online music programming and performances, artist interviews and more." Some of that year's artists included: Cheat Codes, Lauv, Carly Pearce, Grace Vanderwaal, Miguel and KYLE.

"Honda Backstage consists of multiple episodes for each artist including Origin, Journey and Breakout stories. During Origin storylines, artists go back to where it all started, whether the location they created their first song or their thoughts on how they began to pursue a career in music. Journey storylines take the audience deeper and shows the artists' current daily lives, including an exclusive look on how songs are created in the studio. Finally, Breakout storylines come full circle, with the artists bringing their dreams to life and sharing these moments with fans."
(source: + A PR Newswire press release)

Links to two of the Honda Backstage videos (nor related to a performance) can be found in the “Reviews etc.” box. Links to the third video can be found in the "Reviews etc." box for performance# 138, the Bean Runner Private Concert.

Recorded 14. Dec. 2017

(Honda Stage on Facebook)


Grace VanderWaal - Ukulele, vocals

Destiny Petrell - Guitar, vocals

Gabe Rudner - Keyboards, vocals

Ben Masters - Percussion


1. Moonlight
2. So Much More Than This
3. City Song
4. Escape My Mind
5. Florets
6. Riptide (James Gabriel Keogh - Cover)
7. I Don't Know My Name

Reviews, Recaps, Behind the Scenes etc.

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Timeline content Grace Vanderwaal Timeline on Facebook
About the Artist Grace Vanderwall’s music dreams are just beginning
About the Artist Grace Vanderwaal wants to bring music back to schools

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