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Performance [136] 20-Jan-2018 (Headliner)

Private Acoustic Concert


Special event for Fans

From the Video-description: "Grace VanderWaal performed several songs in the intimate setting of the Beanrunner Cafe in Peekskill NY, for a few very fortunate fans, most of whom had won entry to the event by being chosen in a drawing by Grace herself. It was to be streamed LIVE but due to some technical problems, we did lose a couple of the songs. This particular video was picked up by a friend of Grace's, Jenni Call, who sat right next to Grace's sister Olivia and recorded this for us."

Grace went on IG live on January 1 to draw the winners of tickets to the concert: 20 fans and their guest. (50 in all) A few fans (such as Swedish reactor Petra) were specially invited. Fans did not know where the event would take place and were taken to the Bean Runner by bus from a pick-up point.

"Armed with just a ukulele, Vanderwaal gifts the tiny, seated crowd before her with a set packed with the kind of passion and poise that endeared her to millions of people discovering her for the first time on their television sets just two years ago. 1,300 people all across the world entered into a contest for a chance to make this super-secret, one-of-a-kind gig, but in the end, only 20 were chosen.

“Some of my best, most loyal fans were here,” she noted. More than that, they showed up with gifts and high expectations, ones that Vanderwaal not only met, but somehow managed to exceed. “I can feel my heart beating out of my chest,” one young fan said. It was a night filled with heady memories for Grace, and a night her fans won’t forget themselves anytime soon." (Corbin Reiff for UPROXX March 6, 2018)

(Grace VanderWaal News)


Grace Vanderwaal - Ukulele, vocals

Justin Keller - Piano and Guitar

Ben Masters - Percussion


The "Full performance" is as full as we have been able to find. There does not appear to be any video available for the first five songs, nor for the second to last (Florets).
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1?. Moonlight
2?. Sick of Being Told
3?. Talk Good
4?. Burned
5?. Gossip Girl
6. Clay Beginning of song is missing. Taken up front from the left side. At a few songs Jenni's (the recorder) voice (singing along) is quite clear ;-). 
7. Moon River (Audrey Hepburn - Cover) (first)
8. City Song
9. A Better Life
10. Darkness Keeps Chasing Me (first)
11. Florets
12. Escape My Mind
13. Beautiful Thing
14?. So Much More Than This
15. I Don't Know My Name

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