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Performance [126] 26-Nov-2017 (Promotion)

HMW and Books Miniconcert

HMV and Books


Grace performed a short set at the HMW & Books store in Tokyo, to promote "Just the Beginning".

She forgot the bridge when she sang "Over the Rainbow", as she explained in a radio interview shortly after:

“I was singing ‘somewhere over the rainbow. and I forgot the entire bridge. It’s just so embarrassing. That was the first time I sang it live. And that made it worse because then I couldn’t make up the words or anything. I am usually really good at those kinds of things. I am usually really good at just going over it, but I just froze for a good four seconds and erhh fatal!” (Japanese Radio Interview Tokio Hot 100 w/ Navigator. Nov. 26, 2017)



Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals, Ukulele


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1. Moonlight
2. Florets
3. City Song
4. I Don't Know My Name
5. So Much More Than This
6. Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland - Cover) Fragment (16s) (first)

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Performance related This is a compilation of social media clips ostensibly from "GraceVanderWaalMusic" on Facebook. It overlaps the other "recap" video but also has some elements, not found there
Performance related Soundcheck
Recap This a collection of social media clips that sort of kind of adds up to a recap of Grace's visit to HMW and Books in Tokyo / her Japan "tour". The snippets of songs in the setlist is from this video
Timeline content HMW and Books Miniconcert

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