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Performance [12] 1-Jan-2016 (Homemade)

On the SMULE app


Snippet of the song, made on the SMULE app, audio-only. Set to fanmade graphics/pictures of Grace.

”Smule” is a music app initially released under the name Sing! Karaoke in 2012. Users choose a song and either sing along to it as a solo, duet, or group performance. Users can enable video recording mode if they want to record both video and audio.

Singing the ABC song to msuic on the SMULE app

(Off Youtube)


Grace VanderWaal - Vocals


1. ABC Song (Cover) Made on SMULE, sound only, set to pictures of Grace (first)

Times Performed

Grace has performed: 3 times at this event, 371 times in this country