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Performance [102] 16-Jul-2017 (Benefit)

Starkey Hearing Foundation So the World May Hear Awards Gala


Grace was accompanied by the Paul Peterson Orchestra. The Orchestra and conductor setting influenced the way Grace performed the songs, perhaps to fit that different ”instrument” - and to allow for the (sign-language) interpreter to follow along!.

” It’s things like this and events like this that remind me, what it’s all worth and what ist all about.” (Grace in a snippet of an interview on the event on the CW Twin Cities YouTube Channel)

Quinton Aaron [american actor] on twitter; ”More of the amazing GraceVanderwaal performance from last night #starkeygala2017 P.S. that wasn’t me that yelled out I love you… OK, so what if it was, it’s true! I went full-on fan girl mode over this 13-year-old singing sensation. You would’ve too.”

"The youngest star of the evening, thirteen year-old Grace Vanderwaal next took to the stage for a short three-song set. The winner of last year’s America Got Talent competition seemed very humbled and appreciative to be invited and opened with ‘Clay’ from her Perfectly Imperfect EP (Columbia Records). “Music is the universal language, it connects to everyone in some way” she said before ‘Light the Sky’ and ended with picking up the ukulele for her first single, ‘Moonlight’." (Jon Spencer, We Heart Music blog)

About the event and the Foundation
Starkey Hearing Foundation’s ‘So the World May Hear’ Awards Gala is one of the biggest celebrity fundraising events in the country. It raises money to support programs around the world that help children and adults to get hearing aids (CBS Minnesota). Celebrities, philanthropists, and leaders from across the globe gathered in St. Paul to celebrate the 17th Annual Gala. More than 1,500 guests – a record for the Gala – filled the ballroom of the RiverCenter. The Gala raised more than $7 million. There were performances by the comedian Sinbad, Steven Tyler, John Fogerty, and Darius Rucker as well as moving performances by Portia Clark, Grace VanderWaal, and ARIA. (Starkey Hearing Foundation) (Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American privately owned company that makes hearing aids, and is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world)

Grace and The Starkey Hearing Foundation
Grace traveled with Starkey to two villages in Kenya, where they gave free hearing care to more than 1,000 people in need. There, Grace experienced the life-changing moment of watching children hear for the first time. “It was really grounding and eye-opening, especially watching the parents,” she says. “I saw a mother hear her daughter speak for the first time and she was so emotional about it. It was a very beautiful moment.” (Girls Life June 2018)

The 14-year-old “City Song” musician was able to experience first-hand the life-changing moment when someone hears for the first time. “He just heard his voice for the first time,” Grace says after helping one child get his implant. “That’s pretty cool.” Grace added on Twitter, “Feeling very jet-lagged but I had such a good day today! I met so many amazing people in the village of Kisumu in Kenya with @starkeycares … great start to this trip!” (Justjaredjr 16 March 2018)

(Grace on Twitter)



1. Clay Part of (1m) composed of several clips
2. Light The Sky Version: 1: From official recap
Version: 2: Part of (ca 1m)
3. Moonlight 1:18 m composed of several smaller clips

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