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Performance [1] 26-Oct-2014 (Event)

Peekskill Museum Oz Event


Grace sings at the annual Oz event in Peekskil

Grace sang the part of the Scarecrow here and would go on to play a Munchkin in a local performance of Oz. (see performance# 282

The Peekskill Museum is a community-supported cultural organization, which had its beginnings in 1946.

Peekskill's relation to Wizard of Oz comes from the author of Oz, L. Frank Baum, who went to school in Peekskill for 2 years beginning in 1868 (he was not apparently very happy there).

A local legend has it that a stretch of brick road in Peekskill was the original inspiration for "The yellow brick road", but that is probably not true (

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Grace Vanderwaal - Vocals


1. If I Only Had a Brain (Cover) (first)

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Performance related Advertising the Oz event where Grace sang the Scarecrow song
Performance related Picture of The OZ performers with Grace as the Scarecrow

Times Performed

Grace has performed: 1 times at this event, 1 times at this venue, 18 times in this city, 190 times in this state, 439 times in this country