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February 1st 2022


Singing "And so what's wrong with you? I really love you"
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Rehearsing song before school concert
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Home made performance
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Galore Magazine interview & photo shoot +
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Filming for Meglopolis: backstage scenes
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On IG live with friends for more than an hour

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Performance Details

Grace was live for an hour and fifteen minutes with friends Carson, Avery (a bit of the time), and Emily (only at the beginning), at the place where (at least some of them) live. Most of the time it was just Grace and Carson goofing around. Grace and Carson did a short (and beautiful) harmonizing over Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”, but that was all the music there was.

When someone online asked if Grace would like dye her har in fun colors, she said that she wanted to, but that she didn’t do it because she really wanted to get into modeling this year.

As always, many of the viewers of the live wanted grace to sing I Don’t Know My Name. Carson said that she was sure that she had also sung that song at a school talent show when she was young. Grace replied: “ Everyone sang my song at their talent shows. I hate that demographic. I went on AGT right when everybody was getting ukuleles, that’s why I became a star, not because of talent, it was the timing, it was the ukulele, and I just took the position as the ukulele queen. I don’t know anything about music. I feel like I was so backed into a corner about being a musician. I don’t know how to read music, I don’t know instruments, I don’t know anything about anything. I CAN play guitar, but like mediocre, and it just stayed that way because I was comfortable there. But I am pretty fire at production.
Grace also hinted that she was going to quiet a few auditions for parts in movies.