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October 20th 2022


In the studio in L.A.
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Massachusetts holiday
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Filming at Valencia High School
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Los Angeles Excursion part 1: postings from recording studio
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Getting back to the surface

Performance Details

Grace posted pictures of her (now) nice and tidy apartment and wrote: "I was so depressed that my electricity and power got shut off bc I didn’t pay my bills, my relationship ended, and I’m remembering how to be me again. But now the sum is out, everything’s ok, and I’m wearing a pretty dress. Life is good. Everything’s cleaning itself up again, just like it always does. That’s just life ig."

Grace also tried to sing Jazmine Sullivan's "In Love With Another Man" but had problems with the, "fast riffs" posting the clip with the caption "HOW THE F DO PEOPLE DO THE REALLY FAST RIFF THINGYS"