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January 28th 2021


Filming for Megalopolis
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Answering questions on TikTok


Earlier that day, Grace answered questions on TikTok.

She talked about her experience being on the Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon and on The Late Show, with Steven Colbert.
She talked about her weirdest interaction with a fan. It was when a girl followed her to the bathroom. Grace went into the stall and then the girl opened the stall. And in a series of answers to questions from fans, she talked about the downsides of being in the industry from a young age, but how this is what she was meant to do and that the upsides far outweigh the downsides.

Q: “What was the hardest thing about being an artist while still growing up and finding urself?”
A: “Probably growing up being surrounded with hate and ridicule. I grew up and found myself with thousands and thousands of people shitting on me, and I was 12 and 13. Yeah – that was a lot. But I am so insanely grateful because I am so invincible now, and I am so free, and it feels so incredible, and not many people get to have that at my age. That shit granted that for me, but it did suck though, in the time being.

Q: “Is there anything you would have done differently?”
A: “I don’t think so. It definitely made things harder at that time, but – not to get all corny – but I was literally borne to do this. Whether I do it on a large scale or on a small scale, I don’t give a fuck. Like – blow up, not blow up – I don’t care – as long as I can do it – every aspect of it, you know, like the photoshoots, the interviews, the music, the writing, the touring – every bit of it is an another part of the passion-“dome” in my chest. There are pros and cons – but the pros are permanent, and the cons are temporary.

Q “What was the point that you started to feel so strongly about the passion that you decided to do it full out?”
A: “My mom brought me to these open mike nights. And I remember, the first night I sang some like emo-esque song. I think I sang that ‘I’m in trouble I’m an addict…’ – whatever*. I was shaking like a leaf; I was so nervous, and I went up and – the release! It was just like doing drugs. It was like a high. I has never felt anything like it before – doing it, singing, in front of people, and at that moment I was like: ‘I LIKE this! It was like nothing I had ever done before, it felt like something literally awakened in me. Like, I want to do that again, and again. That’s all I knew.

(The link is to an edited video with only the Q&A highlights)

*The song she is referring to is “Trouble” by Never Shout never” – there are different accounts of what she actually sang that day – see the link to the performance for more details. Her first documented performance of this song is from January 11, 2016. Her 7th Open Mic performance (her 6th at the Bean Runner Café).

Grace went on TikTok and performed three songs

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