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November 30th 2015


Billboard Women in Music Awards
Japan Media Blitz day 5 and back to the US
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In the studio with Ido
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Grace on Instagram with Lauren
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Family vacation in Aruba
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In Miami for YSL event
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Based on Mike Kertok’s GW Timeline at the FANderWaal News Facebook group

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Performance Details

Tina posted a video of Grace singing Ex's and Oh's and House of Gold on November 14th. But this was the first video Grace posted on her own YouTube account.

In an interview with Scott Lipps in august 2022, Grace talked about why she started her YouTube Channel: “I really started doing the YouTube stuff once I auditioned. We went home that day [after the open-call audition] and thought maybe I got on the show, and I thought, maybe I should make some YouTube videos. Maybe I am not that bad! But no one actually cared until my audition aired.”