The Grace Vanderwaal Timeline

About the Timeline

The core of the Timeline is Mike Kertok’s ’Grace Vanderwaal Timeline’ which he has published on the FANderWaal News Facebook group over the course of two years (2019-2020). Mike’s Timeline covers the period from January 2015 till December 2019. It covers all of Grace’s activities insofar as they have been documented online/on social media, not just music related activities. Mike has built the timeline on top of the collections of Grace-related media that a number of Fanderwaals have created and made available online. To this Mike has added an impressive amount of research and organizing talent as well as his skills as a graphical artist.

Here, in the GV Catalog we have integrated Mike’s Timeline-pages and links to the underlying media-collections, with the catalogs database-entries on Grace’s performances and presented the timeline in a calendar-like interface. For information on the choices made when combining the timeline and the performance-catalog, please see the Timeline section of the “About this project” section.

Mike has decided to take a well-deserved break from the timeline and thus will not, at least not for now, cover the year 2020 and forward. However, we will continue the timeline in the catalog, but in a scaled down way: There will be an entry in the timeline for every performance in the catalog. We will use the performance-photo from the database as illustration. In addition, there will be an entry in the timeline for each new date-related "album" uploaded to the FANderWaal News Facebook group. We will select a photo from each album as illustration and link to the album in the Facebook group. Finally, we will occasionally add timeline-pages ourselves, for what we (completely subjectively), regard as 'important' events. Should mike ever decide to restart his project, all this wille be replaced with Mikes work.

Mike writes the following as an introduction to his work: 'Construction of this timeline would not have been possible without the contributions of many FanderWaals who copied, saved, posted, re-posted and catalogued social media content that would otherwise have been lost. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but I have no inside information. Sometimes it was necessary to rely upon circumstantial evidence and educated guesses, and it is conceivable that some inaccuracies may have resulted. Where I am not reasonably sure of a date, I have used question marks.'

NB: Please note that access to the media-collections in the FANderWaal News Facebook group, requires membership of that group. If you do not have a membership, the link will appear as broken