Alina Alexandrovna Smith


Born and raised in Russia, her musical talents landed her a spot in a professional music group when she was still a child. That led to an opportunity for Smith, at 17 years old, to move to Las Vegas to continue performing. From there, she became a country artist in Nashville, then formed LYRE with Elli Moore to focus on pop songcraft and production. ( August 2020))

“She has been writing and producing hit records for today's top digital creators such as Kenzie Ziegler, Lexi Jayde, Niki and Gabi, Gabbie Hanna, as well as traditional acts such as Fall Out Boy, Betty Who, Kirstin Maldonado (Pentatonix), Red Velvet, and more. ( April 16, 2021)

In an intervciew with Music Tech, Alina explains how she got into production “ I was an artist for the majority of my teens and 20s, and I always found it difficult to meet a producer that could fully realise my vision for my project, all those sounds I was hearing in my head that I couldn’t put a name to. Eventually, I realised, that if I wanted the music I was hearing in my head to come to life, I had to produce it myself.” ( Sep. 5, 2019)

”Her new song “Girl That Was Perfect” explores themes of self-discovery, self-love and abolishing stigmas surrounding young female artists in the music industry.” ( aug 25 2020)

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