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Roland Spreckley has written for major artists such as BTS, Steve Aoki, Kiiara, Ava Max, as well as many other artists signed to SONY, Big Hit, Warner Records, Atlantic Records, and Columbia. One of his biggest hits so far has been the BTS x Steve Aoki smash, “The Truth Untold.

”I have wanted to be a songwriter since about the age of fourteen where I would make simple songs, just me and the piano. … I’ve never had the inclination to do anything else but write. I love creating, that’s the fun part for me, and the idea of me getting on a stage and performing sounds horrific, especially as I suffer from crazy stage fright. So I’m glad there are artists out there who love to do that so I can write songs for them. I get so much joy from writing something that people react to and there’s really no other feeling greater than that.

“To be a musician or songwriter today, you have to have the attitude that you are going to succeed. In the music industry, you are constantly being told ‘no’ by people and it’s all about being determined and believing in yourself, or else you’re going to burn out and ultimately fail. I knew I wanted to be a songwriter and thus I would take whatever it took to get where I wanted to be.” Now, is it enough to have this attitude of success and nothing else? Is it possible to succeed just by wanting to succeed? Well, no, of course not. Legitimate skill is always going to be part of the equation and a very important part at that. But as a way of supplementing that skill and determination, a clear vision and a positive attitude can be extremely useful, especially when you’re struggling to gain an early foothold.

“Collaboration is everything. These days it’s very rare for a song to be written all by one person. Working in teams helps you evolve, see other ideas differently, and hopefully collaborate to make something magical. I’m a big advocate for it and most of my cuts with BTS, Ava Max, etc. would not have happened without collaboration.” But it does mean that you need to be comfortable with the process of working intently with others. You need to be open to the ideas of others and be ready to make changes that will benefit the song and make it more appealing and accessible to audiences.

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