Dan Gleyzer


Producer and Mix Engineer is a Berklee College of Music Graduate with a dual degree in Music Production & Engineering and Songwriting. He has a love for Pop, Urban, and RnB. He specializes in Producing and Vocal Production, but he can also Mix, Master, Write and play Guitar. My
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He has worked with artists such as Madison Beer, Meghan Trainor, Noah Cyrus, AJ Mitchell, Grace Vanderwaal, and Eddie Benjamin. ”I have spent all these years developing the specialized skills to be able to make the music-making process as smooth as possible just so that once that process starts with a client/co-creator, we can focus on what’s important, which in my view is honesty, creativity, and feeling. I always want to make sure that when someone works with me, they leave feeling like they just hung out with a friend and somehow got an amazing product from it, rather than having them feel like they just finished work.
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