Mike Elizondo


"Mike Elizondo (born 1972) is an American producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. A protege of Dr. Dre. A Grammy Award-winner (and four-time nominee), Elizondo learned to play the accordion at age 9 and the tenor saxophone at 12. At 14, he picked up the electric bass. (Wikipedia)
He credits his versatility in part to his history as a bass player: “Being a bassist first, I think, gave me an advantage in my work. It trained my ears in a particular way, to hear the big picture, support the ensemble, listen to the drums and singer, and when to trim the fat, so to speak. And I think it also got me thinking in terms across genres, whether it’s jazz, rock, R&B, or something else. Not every producer is an instrumentalist first, but for me I think it’s shaped the way I approach this work, and it’s led to some great projects and successes in my career.”
(profile on Mike and his studio equipment on Equipment vendor website)

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2022-10-26: Venue/place unknown - (Guitar)

Writing Credits

No Turning Around
(2022 Oct 26th)
(With: Grace Vanderwaal)

(2021 Mar 23rd)
(With: Grace Vanderwaal)

Recording Credits

Role: Background Vocal, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Programmer, Synthesizer

Role: Producer