The present version of this site is an ALPHA-version! The design is not the final design and testing and error-correction is ongoing

This project

[Top] This project aims to document Grace's musical career in a database format. Focus is on music: songs and performances. The amount of information for each performance, song etc. varies greatly, partly because it is determined by what we have been able to find, partly because of the great variation in the amount of material out there, for the different performances. Over time, we hope to be able to fill the holes, with your help.

The project would not exist without the fantastic work done by Grace's fans all over the world, by the fan-groups, individual fans documenting their own concert experiences with Grace, the curators of video-collections, Mike Kertok's timeline-project, Tom Smith's Grace video's and many more. Credit for the content of this site goes to all of you! Our contribution is merely collecting the data and putting it in a database format.

As the details and media for this project have been collected bit by bit, from many sources, mistakes (and typos) will have been made when entering data in the database and the data is by no means complete.

We welcome corrections, additions and suggestions but we cannot promise to implement them all, nor to implement them quickly. We WILL consider them all, so if your suggestions are not implemented, it is either because we have not had time to do so yet, or because we have decided that it is beyond the scope of this project or does not fit well into the format we have chosen. Use the COMMENT button for your input.

This page

[Top] This page details what you can find on the site, and what you should not expect to find, the choices made in determining what to include and how, principles of categorisations, etc. This page was last revised on Tuesday, Juky 5, 2022.


[Top] The performance section includes every event where Grace has performed (or played a recording of) a song or part of a song, made available for an audience (live or online) except very short snippets of songs (What constitutes a "short" snippet has narrowed considerably during this project!).

The performance-list

[Top] First performance/only performance: In the performance list, a "First performance" is the first performance of the song that we have in the database. If it is also the only time the song has been performed "(Only)" is added to the end of the song title.
Missing setlist-data / video: For many performances we do not have a complete setlist and/or complete video documentation. Performances that are incomplete in this way are marked by a red performance ID, in the performance list.



Performance ID

Performances are numbered for easy reference. The ID does NOT reflect the chronological order of the performances but the order in which they have been entered in the database. Also, the performance ID is presently also used for other purposes, thus, the ID-number range is greater than the number of performances.

Performance Types

Performances are categorised as shown in the table below. This is not entirely logical, and probably not entirely consistently applied, and at some point we would like to clean it up, but for now, this is the way its done:
1AwardPerformance at event where Grace is given an award
2BenefitPerformance where the purpose is to raise money for a benefit
3EventWhen Grace performs at an event that does not have her as the main reason for being held
4FestivalWhen Grace performs at a festival
5GuestWhen Grace is a guest at somebody else's performance (but not an opener
6HeadlinerWhen Grace is the sole or primary performer
7Cast memberWhen Grace performs in a play, musical or movie where she is not the main character
8MulticoncertWhen Grace performs at concert where there are other performances by other artists (not a festival)
9OpenerWhen Grace opens for someone else
10OpenMicGrace's open mic performances
11PromotionWhen Grace performs at events whose primary purpose is to promote her and her music (not as guest on radio or TV-shows)
12Radio Show
13TV Show
15HomemadeHomemade videos of performances (made at home or elsewhere in a private setting
16PopupWhen Grace performs impromptu on the street or in other public spaces (including in cafe's and such where she is not on the program
17MoviesWhen Grace has performed a song in a movie - whether on-screen or on the soundtrack

Timeline link

A blue calendar symbol to the left of the headline indicates a link to the timelinepage for that event.

Event and venue data

The name or type of the event as well as the venue name, city, state and country are given, as accurately as possible. Please note that venues may change names and the name shown may not be the one used at the time of the performance. The maximum venue capacity is given (this may not be the actual capacity when Grace performed), as well as a link to the venue's homepage and to its location on Google maps (again as accurately as possible, given the information we have found).


Some performances have lots of comments, some have none. The comments may include 1) anything of particular interest about the performance itself, 2) interesting quotes from reviews etc. or from Grace herself 3) information about the event, 4) information about the venue (usually only if of special importance or interest). 5) impressions from people who were in the audience. The comments are not intended to document everything about the performance, but to provide some background, and first-hand impressions. Suggestions for interesting stuff to include are welcome, see bottom of the page for how to give feedback.


The performance date will always be the day the performance was made public (for live performances = the actual performance date). If we know that a performance was recorded at an earlier date (fx for a tv- or radio-show), that date will be noted in the comments. If we know the month of a performance but not the day of the month, the performance is set to the first of that month. If we know the quarter/season (e.g., spring), the date is set to the first of that quarter. And if we only know the year, the date is set to the first of January. Whenever a performance is dated this way, there will be a note about it in the comments.


We have noted for each performance who performed with Grace. We have checked it with the videos, but we may have overlooked changes in the line-up. Also, for some performances we have not been able to identify some of the musicians involved. When the backing is a band (as f.ex. with John Batiste and Stay Human, for the Late Show) we have not identified the individual musicians. You can click on the musicians in the Line-up list, find a short bio and a list of all the performances they have been part of. These bios are based on what was immediately available and thus varies greatly in scope and detail.


There is an enormous amount of photos online from Grace's performances. This project does not focus on photos, and we have not undertaken any specific search for photos, however we have included one or in some cases a few photos for each performance, song and tour, when we have come across such in the search for performances, videos etc. When we did not come across anything useful, we simply made a screenshot of a good moment in the youtube video. These screenshots are often not of very good quality and we will replace them with better ones, when and if we come across such. Where we have come across photos, we have credited the photographer/original source to the extent where we have been able to find the information. Please tell us if any photos are not credited correctly! We do not intend to expand the range of photos substantially, so please don't inundate us with suggestions for pictures to include ;-) (unless it is a replacement for a blurry screenshot). For anyone interested in a comprehensive collection of photos from all of Grace's performances and much, much more, we refer you to Mike Kertoks timeline-project on Facebook, where you will find a wide range of photos and other media for every event.


The setlists are based on available information. In a few cases we have pictures of the actual setlist, which may not, however, accurately reflect what was actually performed, we may have eyewitness testimony, or we may have or have had access to videos of the whole performance (in some cases these videos are no longer available). In other cases, the setlist is based on less reliable information (e.g. from Holes in a setlist (e.g. because we only have video of part of the performance) may be filled tentatively either by less reliable evidence or by extrapolating from what was usually performed at the tour or concert-series the performance was part of.
In those cases where we have no complete setlist information, and no complete performance video, but only individual videos to go by, we have numbered the parts where we have videos, according to the typical setlist of (that part of) the tour (when such a type can be identified). Parts where we do not have certain evidence that a song has been performed, have been given a ? next to the number (when we have some idea of the order) or just a "?" when we have no idea, in both cases to indicate that it was probably performed. When we only have single-song videos and no information for the set-order, we have put an "x" in the setlist for that song, indicating that it WAS performed but that we have no idea where in the set.


We have tried to find video of all performances and all songs sung, but we are sure there is much more out there that we haven't found. We have preferred full performance-videos or videos with several songs (where full performance was not available) rather than videos with single songs. If however the full performance video is of poor technical quality, we have supplemented it with other videos of better quality, where available. We have also included several versions of a song in a few other cases (see below). We do not intend to include all available videos from all concerts in the database. And, we have included links to the social media collections of Mike Kertok and friends on Facebook, where this is the only source for a given song/performance. These videos are, however, only available to members of the "FanderWaal Central" Facebook group where they are housed. If you know of videos for performances or parts of them that are missing - or just publicly available, or if you know of videos with much better technical quality, or a better view, than what we currently have for a performance or part of it, we would love to hear from you!

Timestamps for songs in videos

We have tried to time the beginning of individual songs in videos to when the actual song starts, that is generally not including the introductions (when there are such). We have probably not been 100% consistent here, and we may occasionally have timed it a few seconds too early or too late. Also, YouTube appears to be a little wobbly in hitting the exact time as indicated in the progression-bar. In some cases, the uploader or other fans have timed the videos and put the timing-info in the YouTube video comments. In those cases we have copied these timings wholesale, even if they do not conform to the timing principles outlined above. Some prefer that intros are included, others that they are not, we had to make a choice and this is the choice we made.


We have included more than one version of the performance of a song when 1) a full video of a concert has quality issues and there are better videos of some of the songs, 2) the alternative version is different in interesting ways (a purely subjective criteria). Version 1 is generally (but not always) from the full version video (when such exists). We have tried to give preference to videos found on the YouTube pages of reputable Grace Vanderwaal fan groups or individuals. But in many cases we have only been able to find videos from private individuals who attended a concert and in a few cases from less reputable uploaders who probably do not own the original video, and haven't credited the original uploader either. We would love to link to the original videos if they are still available.
Please note that videos may be taken private, offline, or be (made) unavailable in certain countries at any time. Please let us know if you come across this so we can find alternatives or mark the item in the database as not-available.

Reviews, Recaps, Behind the scenes etc.

Reviews, Recaps and Behind the scenes etc. includes other media that pertains to the performance. This includes the following content types:
1Performance relatedAnything noteworthy going on during or adjacent to the performance not directly connected to a song
2RecapOfficial ones as well as fan made ones. We only very rarely add fan-made ones (there are so many!) and only when they contribute something interesting about the experience before, during or after the concert.
3Behind the scenesVideos that goes behind the scenes of a performance- usually "official" videos
4ReviewArticles or videos that contain reviews of a performance. As a rule only reviews where Grace is the headliner are included here. Reviews where she is the opener are generally quoted in the comments, and not included with a link. The same (with a few exceptions) goes for reviews or mentions of a performance which are so brief that all, or almost all of the relevant text is included in a quote in the comments
5Media, PR. Etc.Other performance related media not covered by the types above

Please note that external content such as reviews, recaps, behind the scenes etc, may be taken private, offline, hidden behind a paywall or be made unavailable in certain countries at any time. Please let us know if you come across this so we can find alternatives or mark the item in the database as not-available.



The Songlist

[Top] The song-list contains all music Grace has performed or (co)written, except a few very short snippets of songs (the criteria for what to include have been expanded several times and there probably is not much left that is not included). If Grace has performed a song and we know or have reason to believe that it was performed more or less in its entirety, the song is included, no matter if we only have a short snippet of it or no media at all.

Song ID

[Top] Songs are numbered for easy reference. The numbers do not reflect the chronological order of the release or first performance of a song, but the order in which they were put into the database. At some point we may revise this and make the numbering chronological, or create a specific numbering for Grace's originals (so Grace can have her own ”kö;chelverzeichnis” ;-), but that is a future project.

Song titles

Titles of unreleased songs and drafts of songs are sometimes given by Grace herself, but often they are gleaned or guessed from the lyrics, and therefore marked "provisional".

Song Type

The song type has to do with the "status" of the song.
0Writing onlySongs that have never been performed or released by Grace
1OfficialSongs that are officially released or at least performed at some “official" event (including in movies, TV-shows etc.)
2Performed onlineSongs that have been performed online in their entirety (or at least a significant part of it)
3Played onlineSongs that have not been performed but played (ie. by Grace from her computer) or made available online (i.e. on Soundcloud)
4Fragments and sketchesShort snippets of songs, early sketches of songs, and songs that Grace didn't quite succeed in singing and/or that was plagued by technical glitches or interruptions
5For funSongs that are performed (no matter where or how or how long or short) as a parody or joke

Release date

The release date is the date of the first official release by Grace, be it as a single, on an EP or an LP.

Official video

This shows music videos and when no music videos exist, lyrical videos. If more than one official music video exists (as for example for ”Moonlight”, where there is a Japanese and a US one), the US one will be shown. Some songs, such as "Beautiful Thing" do not have a music or lyrical video, but have been used in commercials. You can find links to these videos and all other "official" videos related to the song, in the song-detail view.

Original Artists

For covers, this column shows the name or names of the artists who originally performed the song and/or made it famous. In some cases, more than one artist has contributed to the fame of the song and so more than one is mentioned. In those cases, the one who we consider has the most ”claim” to the fame of the song is highlighted (opinions may differ on this, but we had to make a choice. If the choice is objectively wrong , we are happy to correct it).

First performance

The first performance is the first known performance, regardless of whether we have a video of it or not. As it so happens, we presently (July 2022) have videos for them all, but that may change. You can find all available videos for all performances of the song in the song-detail view.

Times performed

To qualify as a "performance" the song has had to be sung live. So songs played by Grace from her computer in an IG session or songs only performed in movies do not count here.

Song details

[Top] Writers are listed in the order they appear in the BMI Database or in the Wikipedia article for the song. If the song is a cover, we have included a link to a YouTube video of the original artist performing the song or, where such is not available, a video playing the original recording. If more than one artist made the song famous, we have selected one - quite subjectively. We have provided all artists that have credits on Grace's originals, remixes or re-imaginations with a short bio. For her frequent collaborators we hope to include information specifically related to their collaboration with Grace, but for many others, it will just be a condensed version of their Wikipedia page (or similar general source). As so much else here, this is work in progress.

Links to the song

Alongside links to official music or lyric videos for the song, where such exists, we have provided links to officially released songs on Apple Music and Spotify.

Song photo

We have in most cases chosen to automatically show a performance-photo for the first performance of the song where we have a photo.

List of performances

The list of performances is ordered by ascending date. It includes both performances where we have video-evidence that the song was performed as well as those where we assume that it was.

Reviews, reactions etc.

Presents links to a host of sources with information related to the song. The focus here is on the originals, and only in a few cases do we have information here related to covers. The section includes the following types:
Behind the songVideos or articles that explains the background for the song, often done by Grace herself
Song ReviewReviews of the song
Reactions to songWith a few exceptions we have only selected reactions from music professionals or others who have something substantial to say and avoided those that mainly react with facial expressions, feelings or a few short comments. This is something of a balancing act. We have definitely left out reactions you love, probably included some you don't care much about and overlooked some that even by our own criteria should have been included. Again, we may not have been as consistent as we would like to have been, and as everything here, this is work in progress.
CommercialsUse of Grace"s music in commercials
Other use of songOther use of Grace's music e.g. in movies and TV series
Covers of Grace’s songs by other (professional) artistsThis is at the time of writing still an empty category
Song-related contentThis is a "catch-all" for stuff that we find interesting but which does not fit readily into any of the other categories


This section shows the official releases that the song has been included on.


We have included lyrics for all originals where the good people at the VandelsHQ (formerly the VanderVault have made transcriptions or Grace has provided an official one. For technical reasons we can not link to the individual lyrics at the Vault, so we have decided to copy them into the database. All credits for the transcriptions of course goes to the Vault and those who have helped them in compiling them.


[Top] This section will include data on Grace's tours, as headliner and as opener.


[Top] This section includes data on Grace's records: singles, EPs and LPs, including production data, reviews etc.


[Top] This section shows a short bio for all artist's whom Grace has performed with, or who have writing credits for Grace's originals or producing credits for her records. For songs Grace has covered, we have a page for the original performer(s) and for the writers of the song with l,inks to their Wikipedia page or other relevant information. At some point there will be an Artist tab, with a list of artists and more info.


[Top] As this is a relational database, we can count in all sorts of ways. This section will include whatever meaningful statistics we can make from the data we have.


[Top] The Timeline provides a calendar-view of Grace's life an carrer from 2013 onwards. (see the Timeline page for more detials)

Possibly, maybe, planned, considered new features

[Top] We won't promise anything, but we do have a number of ideas for how to improve and expand the site. They may never be realised, but we give you a list here anyways. When we get suggestions for additions/improvements from you, which we think might be feasible at some point (and be within the scope of this project), we will add them here. But, again, no promises! The list is, in no particular order (for future sections in the site which are already (greyed) in the menu, see the items above):

Suggestions, corrections, additions

[Top] If you have any suggestions, corrections and additions to anything you find in this site, please use the COMMENT button at the top of the screen. This connects your commet to item you are looking at, which greatly helps us when we are dealing with the comments. If you have more general comments or suggestions, write us an email to When you comment, please be as specific and detailed as possible and make it easy for us to figure out exactly what you wish to correct or what information you think we should add and where. If you have sources for your information, please include a link or reference. Again, we can not promise to act quickly nor promise to follow all suggestions, corrections etc.
NB: As the people behind this project are not native English speakers, there will inevitably be typos, spelling errors etc. Please do not suggest corrections for these, UNLESS it is an error in the name of a person, event, venue, record or song. We do not have the resources to proofread or correct all typos and spelling-errors.